Leslie Arlette Boyce/ Photographer, Choreographer, and Writer 
​Leslie-Arlette Boyce has an extensive background in designing and implementing interdisciplinary, multicultural, and holistic programs in the visual and performing arts, to foster and expand artistic creativity and expression on the performing stage, and within the university setting. As an artist and educator, she has distinguished herself in the worlds of dance and photography.  Boyce was a visiting professor in the dance department at Bard College from 1992 to 2009, concentrating on Dunham-based technique, which has its roots in the African Diaspora and is informed by its inextricable ties to anthropology. In May 2007, her work as both choreographer and photographer was on display for Dunham Technique: Movement by Progression, at the Spring Dance Concert, Bard College, New York. In 2004, photographs of the African Burial Grounds were added the photography and print archives at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture/ New York Public Library. In 2007, her work was included in the Professional Women Photographers group exhibition, Elegy for Eden, at the Durst Organization/Lobby Gallery in New York City.  Her first series of dance photography, Passion In Motion was awarded first place in the category of photo journalism/performing arts in France’s PX3/ Prix De La Photographie de Paris—Paris’ international photography competition. In 2008, her second series of dance photography Motion, and Then Some, was awarded Honorable Mention in five categories, including The Deeper Perspective at the International Photography Awards. In the spring of 2009, at the Pen and Brush Gallery in NYC, dance photograph The Merman and His Mate was chosen by curator Daile Kaplan for the photography and sculpture show, Contemporary Expressions. Also in that same year, Boyce received Honorable Mentions for the Merman and His Mate at PX3, and in the category of The Deeper Perspective in the International Photography Awards, for photographs from her African Burial Grounds collection.
Boyce is the creator of a new form of photography called CHOREOTOGRAPHY®.  In 2010 three composites of CHOREOTOGRAPHY® were on view in Transitions Online Gallery Show, hosted by the Pen and Brush Gallery. CHOREOTOGRAPHY ® was awarded Honorable Mention in the category of Self Promotion by the 2010 International Photography Awards.  In March of 2010, an in-kind donation of studio space was awarded to CHOREOTOGRAPHY® by The Downtown Brooklyn Partnership, with an unprecedented extended stay. In June of 2011 her much toiled over book, The Glory Of Brooklyn’s Gowanus: Legacy, Industry and Artistry was released. The publication was met with acknowledgements, by Sam Roberts of the New York Times. Also, in 2011 her photographs from this publication were awarded Honorable Mention in the 2011 International Photography Awards. On January 18th, 2012 CHOREOTOGRAPHY, was issued a Certificate Of Registration by the European Register of Community Trade Marks. Also in 2012, CHOREOTOGRAPHY® made its stage debut at City Center, in New York City during a production entitled Jump For Joy. This production was a gala event for Career Transition For Dancers—sponsored by Rolex, honoring Ms. Liza Minnelli.